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It was thus said that the Great Pierre Chapuis once stated:
> >> If we adopt the convention I was proposing that the name
> >> of the package in LuaRocks should be the top-level thing
> >> we require, we already have that centralized authority :)
> >
> >   A problem with LuaRocks is that the name used to install a module isn't
> > the actual name of the module you use in Lua---that still doesn't solve
> > the issue of overlapping modules.  For instance:
> >
> > [spc]lucy:~>luarocks install luuid
> > 	...
> > [spc]lucy:~>lua
> > Lua 5.1.5  Copyright (C) 1994-2012, PUC-Rio
> >> uuid = require "uuid"
> This is precisely what I am trying to change.
> If you require "uuid" then the rock should be called uuid.

  And we get back to my problem---I have a Lua UUID module [1] (right now
called 'org.conman.uuid') that supports more UUID types than just type 4 (it
supports types 1, 3, 4, and 5---check out RFC-4122 for details).  I'd like
to make it available.  What are my options?  I can't call it 'uuid' because
that's taken (at least twice).

  -spc (and we're right back to namespaces ... )