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It was thus said that the Great Michal Kolodziejczyk once stated:
> On 26.11.2013 09:21, Sean Conner wrote:
> >   And we get back to my problem---I have a Lua UUID module [1] (right now
> > called 'org.conman.uuid') that supports more UUID types than just type 4 (it
> > supports types 1, 3, 4, and 5---check out RFC-4122 for details).  I'd like
> > to make it available.  What are my options?  I can't call it 'uuid' because
> > that's taken (at least twice).
> Hello,
> here is my proposal - hopefully solving most of your issues, and
> creating another ones ;)
> I think that the "official API" should be decoupled from "conrete
> implementations", so the user could choose between "community preferred"
> module or his own preference.
> I have just commited the description and sample code to github here:

  I took a look, and there's still an issue.  Take syslog for example (as
this is something I have looked into a bit more than the UUID libraries). 
All the syslog modules do support a "log()" function.  So far, so good. 
But, one module uses:

	syslog.log(syslog.LOG_ERR,string.format("warning: x=%d",d))

another one:

	syslog.log('LOG_ERR',string.format("warning: x=%d",d))

And a third one:

	syslog.log('err',string.format("warning: x=%d",d))

And a forth one:

	syslog.log('error',"warning: x=%d",d)

  Three take two parameters; one takes multiple parameters.  Three take a
string as the first parameter; one takes a number.  Of the three that take a
string as the first parameter, one only accepts a string version of the C
constant; one takes a shorthand notation and the third accepts a longer
version of the shorthand notation.  The one that takes multiple paramters
works a lot like string.format().

  None of them are completely, 100%, compatible.

  So, which one is the "official API?"  There are two that are closer to the
C API; one that is just plain easier to use (the last one); one that is in
the middle.  

  I'm not trying to shoot your idea down, but there are issues I think you