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On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 12:02 PM, Coda Highland <> wrote:
> Yes, it is one-way compatibility, but as a result people interested in
> portable code will be targeting 5.1 (actually 5.1/5.2 common subset)
> code for a long time in order to maximize portability.

Yes, that 'modern' subset works very well.  I was a bit alarmed by
Miles saying that Debian 5.2 is not built with 5.1 compatibility, but
that turned out to be a false alarm.  I haven't used module() for
years (not that I _judge_ those that use it, understand ;)) and try to
ensure that all of my packages run fine on 5.2.

(If they don't, that's a bug!)

As for LuaJIT, the big divergence is needing to use ffi to get the
best performance. The 5.1/5.2 compatible lua-ffi is coming on nicely,
but won't give the speed up of course. Any 5.1/5.2 differences are
minor compared to needing to use LuaJIT _idioms_.  Of course, portable
code is still possible if such idiomatic code is factored out into
separate modules.

steve d.

steve d.