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> Lua 5.1 is going to be around a lot longer than that, considering
> LuaJIT. LuaJIT has explicitly chosen not to follow Lua 5.2's path, so
> it's not just a question of it lagging behind but a matter of it
> forking from 5.1.

LuaJIT has not been Lua 5.1 a long time ago. As you said, it is a fork,
and it is following its own path. Anyone that uses LuaJIT for some time
is unable to return to Lua 5.1. The compatibility is one-way only.

I just saw the numbers of downloads of different versions of Lua in
Debian, and Lua 5.2 is following a pattern quite similar to 5.1, as we
expected. (Lua 5.1 took around four years to bypass Lua 5.0, in a time
when Lua usage was much more restricted than now. Even today, there is
still a lot of downloads of Lua 5.0 by other programs that need that

-- Roberto