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On 22 December 2011 18:10, liam mail <> wrote:
> On Thursday, 22 December 2011, Patrick Rapin <> wrote:
>>> You need to use luaL_Reg instead.
>> For the records, I have just ported LuaSocket 2.0.2 for Lua 5.2.
>> I had to make three modifications:
>>  - changed a bunch of luaL_reg into luaL_Reg
>>  - changed a number of luaL_putchar into luaL_addchar
>>  - implemented luaL_typerror since it has been removed (why?)
>> The result can be found here [1].
>> I also have sent a pull request to Sam Roberts.
>> [1]
> I also did this sometime ago and did inform Mathew Wild (I may have even
> added a pull request yet I do not remember) :)

Sorry, if you did I really don't recall, my fault for not merging.

If I merge your commits now, and Sam merges Patrick's then there will
be even more fun when Sam and I merge (as I hope is the goal). I have
no desire to maintain a LuaSocket fork, my branch was a short-term
thing to get the IPv6 API nice and stable for Prosody to use.

For the record it's basically done now, and Prosody is fully IPv6
capable. Writing an email to Diego was on my todo list, but I guess
he'll get this one as well :)