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> On 22/12/2011 13:03, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> >If you build Lua 5.2.0 using the Makefiles provided in the tarball then
> >all compatibility switches are on and C code for 5.1 should work just fine
> >in 5.2.
> What does it mean "work just fine"? C code for 5.1 won't even compile.
> For example: luaL_reg, luaL_register in the 5.1 C code are not defined 
> with 5.2 headers, to name a few.
> (The original src/Makefile was used to build Lua 5.2).

I'm sorry, you also need to compile your libraries with LUA_COMPAT_ALL on or
at leas LUA_COMPAT_MODULE on. About luaL_reg, it was not defined in 5.1;
it worked for compatibility with 5.0. This has indeed been removed.