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Hi all,

I've started playing with with readline and the new LuaJIT FFI
callbacks (which are fantastic :) in order to make a more user
friendly shell (a bit like IPython does for Python): ILuaJIT[1].

So far, I've managed to integrate Reuben Thomas's lua-rlcompleter [2]
completion engine and some other stuff like improved error handler
(with source code printing when possible and colors).
This is just a toy project for now and any contribution is welcome to
improve it.

The shell is fully configurable through the `shell` global variable
(prompt, result handler, error handler, completion, ...), see
shell.lua. For instance, to pretty print table with Penlight (with
ugly output with multiple values through) :
  shell.value.handler = function(pos, val)
    return type(val) == "table" and pl.pretty.write(val) or tostring(val)

I hope this will be useful to you !


Julien Desgats