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> Does the Lua web site need a page "Getting Started with Lua",
> perhaps along the lines of ?
> ............................
> I've tried this but I cannot find the right tone or level of detail:
> .........................
> I welcome suggestions, including "no, we don't need this"... Thanks.

Please excuse some rather obvious remarks about this. It is necessary
to distinguish between 1) the levels of programming experience that
the newcomer to Lua already has, and 2) the platforms that she is
accustomed to use.

I would suggest that the complete beginner, with no programming
experience, is best catered for by platform-specific tutorials.

For the more experienced I think it would be good for the Lua website
to have some sample programs illustrating Lua's strengths, possibly
giving comparisons with other languages. See, for example, Michael
Newberry's remarks on the LuaList on Tue, 30 Nov 2004: 
"Re: Why Lua is not BASIC - other articles?"
As always, the difficulty is in finding programming tasks to
illustrate that are neither too lengthy nor too trivial.

Gavin Wraith (
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