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On 22/12/2011, at 9:06 AM, Thijs Schreijer wrote:

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>> On Behalf Of Gavin Wraith
>> Subject: Re: Getting Started with Lua
>>> Does the Lua web site need a page "Getting Started with Lua",
>>> perhaps along the lines of ?
>>> ............................
>>> I've tried this but I cannot find the right tone or level of detail:
>>> .........................
>>> I welcome suggestions, including "no, we don't need this"... Thanks.
>> Please excuse some rather obvious remarks about this. It is necessary
>> to distinguish between 1) the levels of programming experience that
>> the newcomer to Lua already has, and 2) the platforms that she is
>> accustomed to use.
> I wouldn't do it along those Lines. Here's my 2cts;
> The way I see it Lua has 2 audiences;
>  1 - Lua coders
>  2 - Lua embedders
> Both with a completely different need, so give them both their own heading
> on the page. The latter would require quick links to the API and some C
> examples. The former needs access to the basic tools and Lua language
> help/FAQ/wiki.
> The platform specific stuff is beyond any beginner audience anyway (except
> for platform specific startup items like the IDE's etc.)
> For learning resources; PiL, Lua reference, FAQ, unofficial FAQ, wiki.

Being an occasional Lua embedder and coder but expert at neither, a Getting Started with Lua guide split between coders and embedded users is the way to go. Lua 5.2 is in particular need of this. I tend to be a passive listener to this list and realise most list participants are strong full-time programmers or academics for whom the reference material is probably adequate. However for students (especially non CS ones) and programmers for whom programming is not their core job (like me), additional material would be appreciated.

As an example of the problems encountered but not easily resolved is the porting of 5.1.4 embedded code to 5.2. To familiarise myself with 5.2 I decided on the progressive top down elimination of all depreciated functions. I have spend a lot of time trying to work out why I am unable to load my libraries. I reasonably sure its an environment issue, but the reference manual and looking at lua.c and other source do not help. I need a Getting Started with Lua (Embedded) guide with sample code!