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Hi Francesco,

Is there any place in docs where I can find additions to Lua language specification made by GSL Shell? I guess the one is "short function specification" via |arg1, arg2, …| expr, is there anything else?

Also I wished to ask whether GSL Shell really needs to have its own LuaJIT sources? Why not just link to external LuaJIT GIT repo and particular revision?

From my understanding GSL Shell is set of Lua modules calling GSL/BLAS/Lapack via FFI, ones providing plot functionality and of course shell which is modified Lua shell. That's why it would be IMHO much better if GSL Shell act as extension for existing (installed) LuaJIT, than rolling it's own version. Also all fixes and performance tweaks made by Mike Pall wouldn't need any merges at GSL Shell.

Also it would be nice to GSL Shell classes in regular Lua scripts without need to use GSL Shell's shell.

Adam Strzelecki