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2011/11/8 clemens fischer <>:
> After "git merge origin/gsl-shell-2" (latest changes on this branch) and
> using the patch you provided, I get:
>  $ make DESTDIR=/opt/gsl-shell/git-3-patch install
>  Compiling gs-types.c
>  Compiling lua-utils.c
>  Compiling lua-rng.c
>  Compiling randist.c
>  Compiling sf.c
>  Compiling lua-graph.c
>  Compiling lua-gsl.c
>  Compiling gsl-shell-jit.c
>  make: *** No rule to make target `luajit2/src/libluajit.a', needed by
>        `gsl-shell'.  Stop.

Hi Clemens,

the patch I've sent you yesterday are now in the git repository. The
old branch x64-build-fix is not longer updated because it was finally
merged into gsl-shell-2, I will remove it from the repository.

Talking about the error, normally this is not a problem. The point is
that the top-level makefile doesn't know how to produce
'luajit2/src/libluajit.a' but this file is supposed to be created by
make when it does go intro the luajit2 directory.

In this case it doesn't work because "make install" does not go
(intentionally) into the luajit2 directory.

Since I don't want to mess up the Makefile and I don't know a clean
solution to this problem I will probably leave it unchanged. For the
other side note that a simple "make" given before "make install" is
enough to get rid of the problem and this is actually what you are
supposed to do.

I believe that now if you do

> make
> make install

on linux it will work out of the box as it should. The files will be
installed in /usr/local but you can change that changing the PREFIX
value in makeconfig.

You can also use DESTDIR to force the installation is a specific
directory of your choice.

I hope now it really works as intended :-)

Best regards,