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2011/11/8 clemens fischer <>:
> 'uname -rms' -> Linux 3.0.8-spott x86_64
> I didn't have to edit any files to get a build:
>  make DESTDIR=/opt/gsl-shell/git-2 install
> is all I did.  Afterwards I ran a script symlinking all the installed
> files into /usr/local .
> Since /usr/local is not the "standard" installation path, I need to run
> gsl-shell like so:
>  LUA_PATH='/usr/local/lib/gsl-shell/?.lua' gsl-shell
> No LUA_PATH setting is needed if running in the gsl-shell toplevel
> source directory, and all demos/tests complete successfully there.

Hi Clemens,

thank you for your feedback. Talking about the LUA_PATH problem it is
just an error in the Makefile. In attachment the patch, it will be
added to the git repository later.

Please note that the correct way to build is to set PREFIX to the
system wide installation path (like /usr or /usr/local). DESTDIR
should be used as a convenience for packaging. The purpose of DESTDIR
is to let "make install" copy the files in a specific directory to
package an archive debian or rpm.

> It is unfortunate that no documentation is installed by default, for
> this I had to go into doc/user-manual/ and run:
>  make html man text
> after installing the python sphinx package.  The Makefile in
> doc/user-manual/ doesn't define an "install" target, so copying the
> files into my DESTDIR directory had to be done by hand.  A "clean"
> target is missing as well.

Actually the doc was not meant to be build and installed by the user
but I will try to add this option. I've added also a fix for the "make
clean" that was actually broken.

> Did somebody try without specifying a DESTDIR make variable?  Personally
> I want to have every user-installed package in /usr/local, with symlinks
> pointing to each packages own installation directory.

This seems to be just your personal preference... :-)

> I used branch "gsl-shell-2" after your previous email.  Which branch is
> the correct one to use?

The correct branch is gsl-shell-2. The master branch points to the old
1.1 version.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Best regards,

Attachment: 0001-Fix-install-problem-on-Linux-systems.patch
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