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Francesco Abbate wrote:

> 2011/11/8 clemens fischer <...>:

>> After "git merge origin/gsl-shell-2" (latest changes on this branch) and
>> using the patch you provided, I get:
>>  $ make DESTDIR=/opt/gsl-shell/git-3-patch install
>>  Compiling gs-types.c
>>  Compiling lua-utils.c
>>  Compiling lua-rng.c
>>  Compiling randist.c
>>  Compiling sf.c
>>  Compiling lua-graph.c
>>  Compiling lua-gsl.c
>>  Compiling gsl-shell-jit.c
>>  make: *** No rule to make target `luajit2/src/libluajit.a', needed by
>>        `gsl-shell'.  Stop.
> the patch I've sent you yesterday are now in the git repository. The
> old branch x64-build-fix is not longer updated because it was finally
> merged into gsl-shell-2, I will remove it from the repository.
> Talking about the error, normally this is not a problem. The point is
> that the top-level makefile doesn't know how to produce
> 'luajit2/src/libluajit.a' but this file is supposed to be created by
> make when it does go intro the luajit2 directory.
> In this case it doesn't work because "make install" does not go
> (intentionally) into the luajit2 directory.

Ah, ok, I'm used to autotooled builds, where "make install"
automatically builds the files to install.

> Since I don't want to mess up the Makefile and I don't know a clean
> solution to this problem I will probably leave it unchanged. For the
> other side note that a simple "make" given before "make install" is
> enough to get rid of the problem and this is actually what you are
> supposed to do.
> I believe that now if you do
>> make
>> make install
> on linux it will work out of the box as it should. The files will be
> installed in /usr/local but you can change that changing the PREFIX
> value in makeconfig.
> You can also use DESTDIR to force the installation is a specific
> directory of your choice.
> I hope now it really works as intended :-)

Yes it does!  Thanks!