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Francesco Abbate wrote:

> thank you for your feedback. Talking about the LUA_PATH problem it is
> just an error in the Makefile. In attachment the patch, it will be
> added to the git repository later.

After "git merge origin/gsl-shell-2" (latest changes on this branch) and
using the patch you provided, I get:

  $ make DESTDIR=/opt/gsl-shell/git-3-patch install
  Compiling gs-types.c
  Compiling lua-utils.c
  Compiling lua-rng.c
  Compiling randist.c
  Compiling sf.c
  Compiling lua-graph.c
  Compiling lua-gsl.c
  Compiling gsl-shell-jit.c
  make: *** No rule to make target `luajit2/src/libluajit.a', needed by
        `gsl-shell'.  Stop.

This didn't happen before.  Unfortunately, the patch isn't contained in
the latest git changes, so I thought I should apply it on top.