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Hi all,

I didn't get any feedback about the release of GSL Shell 2.0. I don't
know if actually someone tried to compile the package or maybe tried
the binary packages.

In principle I would have appreciated to have at least some feedback
about the compilation of the software on unix-like systems but that's

I've made some fixes to make GSL Shell work on x64 platforms. I would
really appreciate if someone could test and give me some feedback
since I've limited access to x64 platforms.

The x64 fix is in the "x64-build-fix" branch of the git repository. In
order to test you need to perform the following operations:

> git clone -b x64-build-fix
> cd gsl-shell
> make

Then you can test by giving:

> demo('nlfit2') -- non-linear fit
> demo('nlfit1')
> demo('numint') -- numeric integration
> demo('ode1') -- ODE systems integration
> demo('ode3')
> demo('wave')
> dofile('benchmarks/lmfit/nist_test.lua') -- NIST tests for non-linear fit

Please note that these are not formal tests but if GSL Shell works
correctly you should not have any errors and obtain some plots.

If I don't ask too much I would *greatly* appreciate if someone can
try a MAC OS X build and eventually contributes the required Makefile

Of course I know that many people in the list are just not interested.
That's fine of course but I would nevertheless appreciate a feedback
about the compilation of the package. I hope someone in the list can
volunteer :-)

Many thanks in advance and best regards,