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Francesco Abbate wrote:

> I didn't get any feedback about the release of GSL Shell 2.0. I don't
> know if actually someone tried to compile the package or maybe tried
> the binary packages.
> In principle I would have appreciated to have at least some feedback
> about the compilation of the software on unix-like systems but that's
> ok.

'uname -rms' -> Linux 3.0.8-spott x86_64

I didn't have to edit any files to get a build:

  make DESTDIR=/opt/gsl-shell/git-2 install

is all I did.  Afterwards I ran a script symlinking all the installed
files into /usr/local .

Since /usr/local is not the "standard" installation path, I need to run
gsl-shell like so:

  LUA_PATH='/usr/local/lib/gsl-shell/?.lua' gsl-shell

No LUA_PATH setting is needed if running in the gsl-shell toplevel
source directory, and all demos/tests complete successfully there.

It is unfortunate that no documentation is installed by default, for
this I had to go into doc/user-manual/ and run:

  make html man text

after installing the python sphinx package.  The Makefile in
doc/user-manual/ doesn't define an "install" target, so copying the
files into my DESTDIR directory had to be done by hand.  A "clean"
target is missing as well.

Did somebody try without specifying a DESTDIR make variable?  Personally
I want to have every user-installed package in /usr/local, with symlinks
pointing to each packages own installation directory.

> I've made some fixes to make GSL Shell work on x64 platforms. I would
> really appreciate if someone could test and give me some feedback
> since I've limited access to x64 platforms.
> The x64 fix is in the "x64-build-fix" branch of the git repository. In
> order to test you need to perform the following operations:

I used branch "gsl-shell-2" after your previous email.  Which branch is
the correct one to use?