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David Manura wrote:
> Mike Pall's dynasm does that [1].  Labels are numeric (1: to 9:) and
> can be reused.  Forward (>) or backward (<) modifiers in the jump
> opcodes disambiguate.  When I first saw this syntax, it's purpose
> wasn't immediately obvious to me.

This is only used for local labels. You can use as many instances
of the same local label as you want. The modifier in the branch
disambiguates it to the nearest label in that direction.

However, this is in no way applicable to a higher-level language.
And this should certainly NEVER be used for Lua.

[All this idle and completely pointless talk about syntax here --
it's shocking to see how much this mailing list has deteriorated.
It's embarrassing that I have to respond in this thread at all.]