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Hi all,

Back in 2008 I sort of announced [1] a Lua file type plug-in for the Vim
text editor but then I never really published it somewhere. Since then
several people have e-mailed me about the plug-in asking for updates.
I've now finally taken the time to clean it up, write some documentation
and make everything configurable.

The basic features of the file type plug-in haven't changed since 2008,
however I have added support for dynamic completion which is kind of
scary (it loads all modules available on your system) but at the same
time awesome: On my machine it comes up with 1081 completion candidates
while the default (static) completion list includes 172 candidates... It
might be a bit slow on the first try, but give it a moment (the results
will be cached until you close Vim).

Also when you use Control-X Control-U (user defined completion) or
Control-X Control-O (omni completion) the completion menu shows function
signatures for standard library functions. And the omni completion menu
shows the values of scalar variables (booleans, numbers, strings). Both
features can be observed in the screenshot [2] linked from the homepage.

For more information about the file type plug-in please see the homepage
[3], GitHub (for the sources) [4] or Vim Online (ZIP downloads) [5]. If
you have any questions I'm happy to help.

Enjoy your Lua programming in Vim! :-)

 - Peter