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David Given wrote:
> Would LuaJIT's bytecode lend itself to decompiling back into Lua source
> code?

It's possible, but not easy. Similar issues as in Lua bytecode.

> This would make the first two
> problems go away, would obviate the need for a reader, and would solve
> the issue of dumped functions not reloading due to bytecode format changes.

Then you'd need to embed decompilers for all variants. That's not
exactly an easier job.

Bytecode format changes are a deployment problem. But not more so
than updates to the core VM. In a properly set up project a
simple 'make' ought to re-translate and rebuild everything.

[And no, I do _not_ want to create another javaesque 'binary-only'
ecosystem, shipping obfuscated bytecode plus the ensuing arms race
with decompilers. That's just so depressing to see.]