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Zhu Ya Dong wrote:
> I just want to
> known if Mike will on bytecode some day, if he will, I will keep
> waiting because I think he is the best one for it, if it will never
> happen, then I known luajit will not official support bytecode.

LuaJIT will probably never support loading of plain Lua bytecode
(of any version).

LuaJIT may support loading of its own bytecode format, whenever
all of these points are fulfilled:
- The bytecode format is somewhat stable
- and I find a good external bytecode representation
- and either I get bored and will do it on my own (unlikely)
- or someone sponsors the development of bytecode saving/loading.

Wrt. the representation: I was thinking about generating binary
object files (.o or .obj). Then you could just link them
statically or put them into a shared library with no fuss. From
the outside it would look like a C module with a luaopen_*
function -- no special logic needed for require().