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I'm using cygwin's git, and it works just fine. There is even gitk for UI.

From the cmd.exe:

c:> sh -c "gitk"

and for git, just

c:> git cmd ...

On 3/23/11 5:04 AM, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 23/03/2011 09:19, CrazyButcher wrote:
been working with a friend on wxLua-based IDE for quite some while, it
is mostly tailored to custom needs, has argument/function tips and
partially working completion based on api files

all binaries are only for win32, but in theory it's all lua plugins

Looks nice.
I feel stupid, but I saw no way on SourceForge to get a source tarball.
Don't tell me I have to install Git (Argh! On Windows? Aaargh!) to get
the source (I could get the raw .exe, but it needs the .lua files).