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Mike Pall wrote:
LuaJIT may support loading of its own bytecode format
Great!  ^^
Wrt. the representation: I was thinking about generating binary
object files (.o or .obj). Then you could just link them
statically or put them into a shared library with no fuss. From
the outside it would look like a C module with a luaopen_*
function -- no special logic needed for require().
More than my dreaming! It's mean we can use lua in most case which was only c/c++ there! Wrote lua script, run it, modify, run it... make all script into a native executable...! Yes I love programming even more^^!

Thanks Mike, I'll keep waiting, even if I want hide my script in some case, I'll think other way to hide it by some dirty quick work, once luajit's bytecode ready, I'll switch to it as soon as I can ;)

Zhu Ya Dong