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> Github is good, but I've sometimes made the mistake of thinking that a
> fork was the original.

...that's why I prefer google code which is more project-oriented
rather than user-oriented, plus github pages look all the same, and...
but I'm getting offtopic.

> Mike mentioned the trouble that can cause for a
> serious high-precision project.  But also it can obscure the _author_,
> who usually only requires recognition for his/her work.
>  It's inefficient use of human time for everybody to discover
> something the hard way, so the gift of documentation and tutorials is
> one of the nicest things a software author can get from users.

I'm after something more palpable - someone giving my little project a
chance in a real-life project, ultimately bringing it to a whole new
level of quality (that is, if that someone isn't already me). But to
get there, I have to give a good impression first. I can't expect
someone writing documentation/tutorial for my project when it's from
that that one gets to know the project in the first place. It's like
expecting the client to market your product for you.