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> Shameless plug: my lmd5 library also supports SHA-2 and works unchanged
> when linked with Aaron Gifford's code instead of OpenSSL. (At least for
> the SHA-2 part of course.)

Thing is, most of the effort on these bindings is spent in packaging
and IMHO that (among other things[1]) is an essential bit. Having a
project homepage with status, version, API description, sample code,
and a standard and/or simple/documented way to build and test the
library is essential (IKEA knows) and lack of those things[2] is the
reason I haven't got to try luacrypto, lmd5 or lcrypt. The status quo
that Lua is mainly an embeddable language may have a fault in this. I
hope this to be improved in the future[3]. For what I can see, the
tools are trying to hit the spotlight with only moderate success
(luarocks, alien, lake, even luatcc, why not).