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On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 8:50 PM, Cosmin Apreutesei
<> wrote:
> library is essential (IKEA knows)

Also, the funny Nordic names would be a good idea for Lua projects ;)

> [3]

That puts it well, but of course you know how much effort is needed to
go from works-on-my-machine to something that can be used by anyone.
And then a division of labour between module developers and packagers
becomes useful & necessary.  For instance, I maintain a few luarocks
packages, but I'm not the author of them.  For instance, we watch
lhf's website like a hawk and repackage his stuff as rocks when

Very much the sort of thing we were discussing about the future of LuaForge.

David M likes to refer to Kwalitee [1] as used in the Perl world, so
I'll put in the obligatory reference.

steve d.