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This is a Lua binding for the SHA-256/384/512 BSD-licensed C
implementation by Aaron Gifford[1].
Tested on Linux 32bit and 64bit and Windows 32bit.


1) Couldn't find how to make LuaRocks build with MinGW. Does anyone
know how to modify the rockspec or what needs to be done to support
this build system?
2) LuaRocks doesn't support mercurial (am I right? I got an error) so
no cvs rockspec.
3) I tried LuaCrypto before doing this but I couldn't make it compile
(a rockspec would be nice) -- I also saw a fork of it with some
additions -- is the official version still maintained?
4) the tests directory from the sources archive is not copied by
luarocks  on debian, but it does get copied on Windows


PS please add to LuaRocks repo:
  win32 rock: