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> That puts it well, but of course you know how much effort is needed to
> go from works-on-my-machine to something that can be used by anyone.

It's the extra mile one has to go to create the necessary feedback
loop for advancing the project. Otherwise it's just another man's
abandonware (sometimes very good abandonware) lurking the net from
version 1 :)

> And then a division of labour between module developers and packagers
> becomes useful & necessary.  For instance, I maintain a few luarocks
> packages, but I'm not the author of them.  For instance, we watch
> lhf's website like a hawk and repackage his stuff as rocks when
> necessary.

I'm not sure how these roles (dev, packager) came about, but from what
you're describing, it doesn't strike me as the most efficient way of
doing things :)

> David M likes to refer to Kwalitee [1] as used in the Perl world

Thanks for the link.