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On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:26 PM, Cosmin Apreutesei
<> wrote:
> It's the extra mile one has to go to create the necessary feedback
> loop for advancing the project. Otherwise it's just another man's
> abandonware (sometimes very good abandonware) lurking the net from
> version 1 :)

But here is the question I have been asking myself.  How many extra
kilometres do developers go before they judge that the feedback loop
isn't happening?  Open source requires that basic trade-off:  as a
user, I know it's a beta, but it's free and it could be useful to me,
so I make an effort. If it's too frustrating I rant on a mailing list
and keep on shopping.  So the developer has to go far enough to meet
the interested user, and that is the hard point to judge.  It involves
knowing your intended audience, which is always the thing with any
'writing' project.

Tools/infrastructure do help the modern OSS developer. Apart from the
coolness factor, github is actually a marvelous place to put things,
it even makes Markdown readme files look attractive.  Anything that
reduces friction in the release process.  OK, but Mathew and I were
talking about this phenomenon of just putting it up on github and
regarding that as enough & sufficient - obviously it isn't. But the
facilities make it easier.

steve d.