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On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Petite Abeille
<> wrote:
> Perhaps the issue could be turned around, and expressed in terms of "Friend of Lua" libraries. In other words, instead of insisting on reimplementing everything in Lua itself, what about identifying small, targeted, Lua like, C libraries which already addresses those issues and provide bindings for them?

Which has been the history of Lua library development, mostly.  We
already have semi-canonical libraries (libexpat, LuaSQL) that handle
things nicely, but of course there are other libraries (like luaxml
and luasqlite3) that exist, probably because of perceived complexity,
etc.  Doing something in Lua rather than C is a strategy, not a
religious imperative; once the low-level binding exists, it feels
natural to add functionality in a more flexible and expressive
language ;)

steve d.