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On Tue, 15 Dec 2009, Francesco Abbate wrote:
> One common belief is that given a big enough community it will produce
> automagically "good software". I believe that, in order to have a good
> library that cover a reasonable domain of functionalities with a good
> design and orthogonality you need the coordination of a small group of
> people that gives directives for the developments and check the
> quality of the proposed interfaces and of the code itself.

Looking at PEAR stuff you have the domain of functionality, but most of
the code is awful. The same goes for Python; Guido van Rossum once said
when asked about mistakes he made in Pythons development, that accepting
modules for the standard library certainly let Python grow fast because
functionality was readily avalaible but they paid for it by rewriting
the majority of them. So being restrictive on the quality can fire back,
especially when you wann a gain popularity.