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On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 7:23 PM, Vaughan McAlley <> wrote:
> I was using XML as an example to try and think
> of a way of solving the problem that "Lua is just missing essential
> stable libraries for XML, SQL, I18N, multibyte strings, etc."

of course, and my answer just wanted to point that most of these
essential needs are in fact already there.  IMHO, the biggest missing
part is about Unicode.

about API stability, the landscape isn't so bad either.  even if
everybody quickly added their own favored XML library, you can still
say that LuaExpat is the 'default' one.  all the others exist for one
specific reason or other (pure Lua implementation or light RAM
requirements were the main ones); if you don't care too much about
that, you can use LuaExpat and most other libraries will too.

several other common libraries are similar: there's a 'most common'
library used by most, and a few others that some people prefer for
specific situations.