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Eike Decker wrote:
Funny, a fellow worker told me about this link and since he knew that
I like Lua, he also emphasized "!!!111***PHP-like***1!! Lua" (more
emphasizing by me) and asked if I wouldn't feel insulted about that.
And yes, it's inappropriate to refer to PHP in this context. Actually,
this reference makes me ignoring that project in total.
The "PHP-like" phrase probably comes from the authors,
who decided to link this news item with an older one, which mentions Lua.
This linking attempt produced the confusion:

and the language has been extended by Real-Time Logic (RTL), the developer
of the Barracuda web server and BarracudaDrive application server, with its
Lua Server Pages (LSP) technology

So Lua suddenly became PHP-like, because it was used in some product, which
is remotely PHP-like.