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On Fri, 07 Nov 2008 18:48:25 +0100
Stefan Sandberg <> wrote:

> ... and follows more retarded logic..
> It's not a bug, thus cannot by definition be 'fixed', we're talking 
> about a trivial change here.
> The goal is to have it work with as many servers as possible, and if 
> 'PASV' does that more than 'pasv', who cares?
> This change doesn't make luasocket more or less conformant, it
> doesn't introduce a 'new bug', the only downside is someone needs to
> do about 7 seconds worth of editing, and the upside is it will work
> with servers who are anal about this.
> We're not talking about gay rights or abortions, give it a rest
> already, you wont change all the worlds ftp servers..
> They've existed for well over 30 years, so no, people evidently do
> NOT follow specs, and good look to you on your utopian plans for the
> future if you think you can change that.
so thank you (and all others who thinks like you) for having browsers
which perfectly W3C-compatible, for having servers which perfectly
RFC-compatible, for having jabber-servers which perfectly
XMPP-compatible and so on. i hope you really like to remeber each
program's way of doing 'standard' things. it's really cool, our lives
will be so boring if everyone will respect standards...