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On Fri, 07 Nov 2008 15:43:26 +0000
Tim Channon <> wrote:

> A web browse finds this and is correct.
> Editing line 69 of Luasockets ftp.lua from "pasv" to "PASV"
> Recreate the static linked Lua executable, then
> print(socket.ftp.get("";))
> Magic, text is printed to console.
> FTP is a troublesome protocol and the question arises of whether there
> are other textual case problems. Maybe we need a test suite.
nope, that's not LuaSocket fault. someone else (author of affected
ftp-server) needs a test suite and, probably, some courses on carefull
specs reading. RFC 959 says this:
[some text ommited]
      field.  The command codes are four or fewer alphabetic characters.
      Upper and lower case alphabetic characters are to be treated
      identically.  Thus, any of the following may represent the
      retrieve command:
                  RETR    Retr    retr    ReTr    rETr
so LuaSocket is perfectly right here and ftp-server is perfectly wrong.
send a bug-report to server vendors, please.