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On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 8:31 AM, ketmar <> wrote:
>> Given that the spec doesn't care, yet some FTP servers do, wouldn't it
>> make sense to make them upper case in LuaSocket? Being right is nice;
>> being right AND working with the largest number of FTP servers is even
>> better.
> it will not break anything, but i just want to emphasise that there's
> no bug in LuaSocket, it's a server-side bug. there are some more fun

Thats pretty clear, LuaSocket conforms to the RFC specification.
Conforming to an RFC is only step 1. Step 2 is actually working!

> bugs for some broken servers (like servers which doesn't like to
> receive commands letter by letter instead of by the whole line -- i.e.
> with pauses between send()s). i really don't like the idea of 'fixing'
> such bugs in the wrong place (client-side insted of server-side). i've
> maybe if users will complain to server authors we all will have
> standards-compliant servers? i know that this is just a dream, but...

Even if the ftp server authors fix their server, and even if the
operator of the server upgrades their server, it will be a while
before the fixes propogate. In the meantime, the user of luasocket
wants to access ftp servers...

If fixing it in luasocket is the only place, how can it be wrong? :-)