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On Fri, 7 Nov 2008 08:19:38 -0800
"Eric Tetz" <> wrote:

> Given that the spec doesn't care, yet some FTP servers do, wouldn't it
> make sense to make them upper case in LuaSocket? Being right is nice;
> being right AND working with the largest number of FTP servers is even
> better.
it will not break anything, but i just want to emphasise that there's
no bug in LuaSocket, it's a server-side bug. there are some more fun
bugs for some broken servers (like servers which doesn't like to
receive commands letter by letter instead of by the whole line -- i.e.
with pauses between send()s). i really don't like the idea of 'fixing'
such bugs in the wrong place (client-side insted of server-side). i've
stepped on such things when writing my CLI downloader. %-(

maybe if users will complain to server authors we all will have
standards-compliant servers? i know that this is just a dream, but...