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> I guess my brain can't understand what you are trying to say. :) If I can
> restate what I think you are saying is to make a git repository somewhere on
> the public internet. (I don't know of any free git hosts) Then use that as
> the external repository and then I import the git into our local svn
> repository.

Gitorious ( has been working quite well for us.
It also does a good job of syntax highlighting for Lua code.  It's
very fast.  And it has this great feature that people can clone
repositories and host them on gitorious too, then check out their
changes into them, without having to get prior permissions.

You can browse Sputnik project on gitorious to get an idea for how it looks:

Also, note that with git the choice of host is not as important, since
it's trivial to move the repository from one host to another, and in
fact it's quite easy to maintain repositories on different servers in

> Can you explain why that is better then using svn? And I am not talking
> about reasons one version control is better then the other. I am tring to
> understand why it matters if I use the philosophy of coping the tarball to a
> git repository or to a svn repository.

On Git vs. SVN:

1. Git is faster.  It's amazing how fast it is compared to SVN.  I
wouldn't have thought that a version control system could be as fast.

2. Git is distributed.  When you sync, you get the whole repository,
with history.  You can check changes into it locally - without an
internet connection.  And if you screw up, you can undo your commits
and nobody would even know.  People can clone your repository and
commit into their clones without having to ask for your permission.
Then they can send you patches that integrate seamlessly.

I can't speak about git vs. darcs, mercurial, etc. (apart from the
fact that git is much easier to install than mercurial and is supposed
to be the fastest of them all), but I cannot imagine going back to

 - yuri