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Thomas Lauer wrote:
So here's what I want: I want a simple, but powerful scripting language
that can be installed by copying a couple files between machines and
then be done with. I want a language that can build executables in the
20 to 50 kb range, not the megabyte monsters py2exe throws at me. And
I want a fast, efficient, extensible language. (And if script code I've
written ages ago remains readable and understandable even a decade
later, I won't complain either.)

The fact is there is no "serious" scripting language I know of that can
do that.

As i see it, you wanted Lua; but didn't want to include all needed modules. so you did the sensible thing: embedded Lua into your executable, and statically linked your choice of modules, to make them 'standard'.

It looks very similar to LuaX, doesn't it?

and I, like others on the list, don't think that warrants a different name.

for me the question is: did you change the language? or only the standard set of modules?