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> Everybody wants to be the next Guido. :-)

No. Perhaps no-one in the list will believe me, but my interest to be
the next Guido is nil, zilch, zero. I had a specific problem and Idle is
the perfect (for me) solution to that. To once more repeat something
from my website:

> So here's what I want: I want a simple, but powerful scripting language
> that can be installed by copying a couple files between machines and
> then be done with. I want a language that can build executables in the
> 20 to 50 kb range, not the megabyte monsters py2exe throws at me. And
> I want a fast, efficient, extensible language. (And if script code I've
> written ages ago remains readable and understandable even a decade
> later, I won't complain either.)

The fact is there is no "serious" scripting language I know of that can
do that.

> I don't think he will achieve widespread adoption.

That's perfectly fine with me. I did Idle because I needed it. Even if
am the only guy in the world who uses it now and in five years' time, it
was still worthwhile to have done it.

I learned a lot about many things.

cheers  thomasl

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