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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> > Idle is basically a script language based on Lua.
>  From the docs, it seems to me that Idle *is* Lua. Questions #3 and #4
>  in imply that Idle is Lua plus
>  a few extensions. I'm not sure this warrants a new name. I think you
>  and all of us would be better served with a name containing 'Lua' or
>  something related to it in it.

Well, that's one of the areas where it gets murky. My understanding (and
firm expectation) is that something that ends with .lua MUST run with a
standard lua interpreter/compiler. Naming a file xyz.lua promises in
effect that inside xyz.lua is genuine Lua, nothing more and nothing

However, any non-trivial Idle program will NOT run with standard Lua.
This starts with the (*currently* relatively minor) language extensions,
but the main point of difference is the runtime library. One function,
and you're doomed:-). The interdependence between the various layers is
just too complex to have this run with standard Lua. I tried pretty hard
to achieve that but I failed relatively early in development. Either the
problem is too hard or I am too dumb. Or both;-).

Plus there are some things that I had to change internally (i.e. in Lua)
that may or may not create nasty problems with a standard Lua binary.

At any rate, Idle (the interpreter and compiler) is a greedy beast: it
will devour whatever you hand it, whether that's called .lua or .idle or
.longestextensionintheworld. So anyone not happy with that extension can
easily change this in his or her setup. Or stick with Lua.

Because, last but not least, the main audience for Idle, as I wrote in
my post, is not necessarily the Lua aficionado. Most people on the list
can and have and will tweak Lua until it fits. Many others, most of whom
may never have heard of Lua, can't.

Well, my 2c.

cheers  thomasl

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