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Stefan Sandberg <> wrote:

> There's nothing wrong with creating a "product" named Idle, which uses 
> lua and some of it's modules, but I really don't see the purpose of 
> calling the language anything but lua, since it IS lua. Ie, the 
> 'package' that you have created may be called 'Idle', 'Bobs Mix' or 
> 'Bunch'of'stuff', but not the language, because that is still lua.

It is. However, a language definition is one thing. A "product" (as you
wrote) is a different thing. I should and will make that clearer in the

The following two-liner is valid Idle but both lines simply won't work
on standard Lua.
> arg:print()
> return 125

So let's just agree to disagree. 

cheers  thomasl

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