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There was a post about such a binding but I cannot
retreive it anymore so I just write it myself and hope
that it is of some help to others who may use it.

It is hosted on google code, hope it won't lose again
like the other implementation.

I use it as I am familiar with SVN.

I have implemented a simple memfs.lua which stores
everything in memory just to test out the
functionalities as well as a form of documentation of
what is needed to pass back and forth.

At the moment, it is not multi-thread safe(disabled in
the calling, see memfs.lua) because I don't know how
to properly implement lua_lock/lua_unlock. 

A side issue not related to FUSE but lua in my
memfs.lua is that I found that using string as data
buffer is very slow in this kind of usage(its speed is
20% of what I can get by proxying to local file).

comment are welcome.



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