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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
Peter Sommerfeld a écrit :
The question is wether that ist still valid. There are more and more
applications without Std-GUIs, MediaPlayer, Games etc. and
people get used to it. And portability becames more and more
an issue too. How many people use GIMP for windows for instance ?
That's the old debate, eg. in AWT vs. Swing vs. SWT... Or Qt/wxWidgets vs. most of the other frameworks.

Of course, but may be times are changing due to technical
progress: virtualisation, grafic capabilities etc. And the
GUIs are converging slowly. The user experiance on Mac,
Window,  Gnome and KDE is not that different anymore.
And the intenet requires even more standardisation.

And BTW, I wonder why one should reinvent the wheel and make yet another GUI framework based on yet another graphical interface...

Portability is the issue and "to make it better" :-))

As said before: the topic is probably to general for this list.

my 2 cent