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Other GUI toolkits I've noticed dying with great promises:

- aedGUI
- ParaGUI

Via Googling on +aedGui +ParaGUI gave me some "new" candidates:

- GiGi - Agar

Agar actually looks alive.

Personally, I will be going for Cairo as to the GUI To Rule Them All, but that will be in the fuzzy future. :)

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 14:27:41 +0100
 Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:
Alex Queiroz a écrit :
Besides wxWidget (maybe a bit huge...) Others are maintained per project base and with subset needed by the project so hardly mature.

While searching for a BSD-licensed, native-controls toolkit I came across Claro Graphics[1]. It looked too good to be true: C, native, lean, scripting languages-friendly. Unfortunately it seems the project is dying even before releasing a first version. :-(

[1] -

Yes, I saw it, they even planned a Lua binding...

Their layout expression language is interesting, but seems limited to row description, less flexible than the Java TableLayout layout manager, for example. <>

How did you saw it is dying?

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