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Cairo can be used as the 'only' graphics system, only no-one has done so yet. One currently needs SDL, Gtk+ or something to bind keyboard & mouse into the picture, but i.e. SDL + Cairo with vector based widget library would seem a very 100% Cairo only GUI.

Application-wise, it would all be done in Lua. This concept is just a concept, and will demand a serious amount of work to be pulled through. Properly done, it could be 'the' thing to get Lua recognized more thoroughly in the industry. I'm still waiting for the job position, where people would actually have heard of the language before I open my mouth! ;)

The closest I've seen the concept presented anywhere is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy user interface (in the movie). That one was done in Flash:
take --> Characters -> Guide -> Don't Panic


(this is becoming a bit out of Lua, so let's tune it down or reply privately?)

Alex Queiroz kirjoitti 14.12.2006 kello 16.14:


On 12/14/06, <> wrote:

Agar actually looks alive.

Personally, I will be going for Cairo as to the GUI To
Rule Them All, but that will be in the fuzzy future. :)

    They are somewhat different from a common GUI toolkit. Cairo is
just a drawing library, which GTK+, for instance, uses to draw its
widgets. Agar has widgets, but draws them on an image or framebuffer,
it does not create windows in the usual sense.