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Well I've looked at it a little and I would appreciate a separate
package for the fltk put in luaforge, although making it is very easy to
do from the code.

When using the latest fltk version, I also noticed that generated code
from fluid is slightly different, so I've modified a little the
conversion script, with adding the following substitution rule:

    # it now generates comments, they could be discarded, but...
    sub(/\/\//, "--", $currentLine)

I think this could be good for the community to have at least one GUI
maintained consistently and extensively across time.

I was not convinced with IUP, also because of its slow pace maintenance
always shifting. Well I understand resources are now limited, but then
wouldn't it be more efficient not to maintain IUP and commit to a
wrapper of an existing library like fltk or gtk,m that maybe suits to
requirements of most lua users? 

I guess this is not taboo question because has a comparing section that states :
"Why to still maintain IUP if today we have so many other popular
This is a question we always ask to ourselves before going on for
another year."
So this is enough to introduce this as an unsecured choice... Reading
more about conclusion
>From the selected toolkits using the defined approach we can eliminate
some toolkits:

The gray ones are not updated anymore or the development is very slow or
needs a better organization.

FOX has a great look but the license can be restrictive in some cases. 

FLTK promises a new version with a better look, but until then it does
not have a pretty good look. The FLTK documentation also does not help.

GTK+ can be used as a replacement for Motif, but not as a "portable"
toolkit since is was target for X-Windows. Nowadays GTK 2 is a great
free C toolkit. But some predefined dialogs could be the native ones,
like the File Selection.

Qt has several license limitations, although is a very stable and
powerful toolkit. Qt can be also used as a replacement for Motif.

The "best" free solution that we choose would be wxWidgets because of
the native controls and its portability. But since version 2, GTK+ is a
very strong option because it is in C and had its visual improved.

It is very hard to compare IUP with wxWidgets and Qt since they are much
more than an Interface Toolkit. They are complete development platform
that includes several secondary libraries. In IUP we focus only in
Graphical User Interface."

Besides wxWidget (maybe a bit huge...) Others are maintained per project
base and with subset needed by the project so hardly mature.

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> A link in the wiki pointed me to
>, the work of John
> In less than 500k, it is static link of  Lua 5.1, lsqlite, Luasocket,
> tinyXML and FLTK 1.1.x.  Almost everything you'll need for normal use.
> other .dll or .so is needed.  No installation required.

John Murga is also known for his work with Puppy Linux, so he seems
pretty bent on getting as much stuff as possible into a small space.


He lists his email on that page as

john <AT> murga <DOT> org