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Alex Queiroz wrote:
Asko Kauppi wrote:

Cairo can be used as the 'only' graphics system, only no-one has done
so yet. One currently needs SDL, Gtk+ or something to bind keyboard &
mouse into the picture, but i.e. SDL + Cairo with vector based widget
library would seem a very 100% Cairo only GUI.

 Of course I know it can be done, as I said GTK+ uses it to draw
its widgets. But I think a toolkit with "real" windows, as in Win32 or
X11 windows, would be a better option. The interface would be more
familiar to the user, and no one will be able to say it was done in
Lua or in C.

The question is wether that ist still valid. There are more and more
applications without Std-GUIs, MediaPlayer, Games etc. and
people get used to it. And portability becames more and more
an issue too. How many people use GIMP for windows for instance ?

IMHO the more serious problems are installation, libs etc.
People on Windows or Mac are usually not not familiar with
make, svn, diffs etc.

Another option: