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Imho, if people are not giving away (meaning, disclosing) their sources, I don't think such modules should be in a public Lua deployment system anyhow. Give an example?

i.e. NI-DAQmx interface and their GPIB stuff too, are proprietary, but only as far as the drivers are involved. They need to be installed separately, of course. But the interfacing to such drivers can be public.


24.9.2004 kello 06:39, Peter Loveday kirjoitti:

 Yes, absolutely binaries if available.

Issues of compilers aside, lets not forget that not everyone will want to (or will be able to) give away sources to their modules.

Love, Light and Peace,
- Peter Loveday
Director of Development, eyeon Software

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I wasn't planning to go this far on the route, yet. Just to see, which implications the discussion on modules would have for distribution.

But, having said that, I agree with your list below. Note: PocketPC should also be as #1. Incidentially, this is also the way LuaX does.. ;P (well, 1 & 3 anyhow)


23.9.2004 kello 03:44, Adrián Pérez kirjoitti:

The only advantage of Windows binaries is that they are compatible across a plethora of versions of the OS. So I think that the following options could be possible:

 1. If under Win32, grab a binary version of the module.
 2. Under Unix, grab a binary version if available.
 3. Under Unix, build from sources.

(Note: I think of MacOS X as another Unix flavour).