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Next there will be the module distribution question.

That is, what's our CPAN and how modules are packaged, tied together etc.

In this, I believe, having all in one file would be a relief. Then it can be a simple drag and drop. Another interesting thing would be for the modules to be unzipped (or whatever) at runtime, but that's possibly DOA?

Otherwise, the wrapper should make sure it's tied together with the same version of the binary.. You get the idea..


ps. the '|' came from Wim Couwenberg, not Roberto. :)

21.9.2004 kello 00:54, Reuben Thomas kirjoitti:

Speaking as an author of some C-only modules, if it were necessary to add some easily-generated Lua boilerplate to get the code to load, I'm not sure that would be a problem, especially if it simplified the requires system rules.

I do not allow `|' as a separator, do I?

Maybe I was misreading or misattributing an earlier post.