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David Given wrote:
I get the impression, from reading between the lines, that this may not be a popular suggestion, but... how about SourceForge (

They do all of this, really well, plus loads more. (CVS! Yay!) Bandwidth

I believe CVS wouldn't be adopted by Lua team, which is open to suggestions and the (quite rare) bug reports, but likes to control entirely the official source. Which isn't a bad thing, IMHO...

If for some reason you don't like SourceForge, there's always Savannah (, which provides much the same services with a different political slant. It's not limited to GPL software, though.

I searched Lua in the non-GPL projects, and found three games. Plus some false hits (evaLUAte...).

CaRaCaL and Bob's Adventure seem interesting by their descriptions but are currently empty (no file, no CVS, no homepage).

U61 is an old ClanLib project (Tetris-like).
[OT]Just checked: ClanLib server is running OK now, I can at least download the source, yipee![/OT]

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